We are attorneys, engineers, and contractors. We offer our clients legal representation as well as technical advice on their construction and design disputes. Our founder, Dr. Vida Tarassoly, is an attorney, a registered civil/structural engineer, and a licensed contractor. She holds a Ph.D. in structural engineering from the University of Southern California.

When other attorneys could solely rely on the technical opinions of the outside hired experts to resolve your issues, we have the ability and authority to devise your technical defense or offense in-house in a way needed to support your legal claims.

The following processes prioritize our firm over other construction law firms:

  • Even prior to designating experts for your case, we know the technical opinions you need to support your legal claims.
  • We know and engage the best and most appropriate technical experts for your case.
  • We speak the experts' technical language and assist them in devising the technical opinions needed to support your case.
  • We review the experts' final designs and reports from a technical/legal standpoint to ensure they fully support your case.
  • Asking the right question is a powerful tool in winning your case, and those who know the right questions are empowered. Because of our technical expertise, we recognize the technical deficiencies of the opposing experts' opinions. Often, in depositions or trial testimonies, by simply questioning those deficiencies, we have managed to use the opposing experts' testimonies to our own advantage.

Our success record is an attestation to the advantage we have over the other non-technical construction attorneys.

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