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Dr. Vida Tarassoly is an attorney, a registered civil/structural engineer, and a licensed contractor. She holds a Ph.D. in structural engineering from the University of Southern California. With over 20 years of practical experience in engineering and construction of complex projects for the public and private sectors, she is uniquely qualified to assist her clients in the dual capacities of an attorney as well as a technical expert. When other attorneys have to rely on the expertise of hired technical experts, Dr. Tarassoly evaluates the technical aspects of your case more cost-effectively and expeditiously, often at the initial meeting.

         "I represent my clients as an attorney and a technical expert. Other construction attorneys would have to                 rely on hired technical experts to build your case, and most often issues could get lost in translation. I                           provide you an attorney outside who has an engineer/contractor inside. I  can assess the technicality of your             claim  and your legal rights to compensation for your damages."

Vida Tarassoly, Ph.D., P.E., S.E.

Licensed Civil/Structural Engineer and Registered Contractor, A&B

Attorney at Law 



We specialize in Construction Law. Because of Dr. Tarassoly's high technical expertise as a structural/civil engineer and a contractor, and her full understanding of the entire construction process, she is uniquely qualified to provide her clients with sound legal advice as well as technical evaluation of their claims. In cases involving construction defects,  our clients particularly benefit from Dr. Tarassoly's ability to serve in the dual capacities of attorney and expert. Usually, expert witnesses are assigned in later phases of litigation at high costs to clients. Prior to the technical review of your case by an expert, a construction attorney could not definitively decide the strength of your case. The success of your construction dispute is as much, if not more, dependant on the development of the technicality of your claim as it is based on your legal stance. Dr. Tarassoly's insight into the technical clients benefits from her unique ability to provide the requisite technical expert opinion in their cases saving them time and money. We represent developers, general and subcontractors, material suppliers, architects and engineers providing legal support including review and draft of contracts, Permitting, California Contractor's License Board interface, stop notice services, mechanics' lien filings and removals, latent construction defects, delay claims, change orders, issues relating to a violation of SB800 right to Repair Act, litigation, arbitration, and mediation. 


"Being an expert in the engineering and construction fields, I have the unique ability to effectively eluate the technical strength of your claim, as well as your legal stance in your construction dispute. My technical insight into your dispute puts me at an advantage over other construction attorneys. "


Vida Tarassoly, Ph.D., P.E., S.E.

Licensed Civil/Structural Engineer and Registered Contractor, A&B

Attorney at Law 

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Dr. Tarassoly holds a Ph.D. in structural engineering from the University of Southern California. Since 1982, Dr. Tarassoly has been a licensed civil and structural engineer and an active member of the Structural Engineer's Association of Southern California. She is the president of Rubicon Engineering Corporation; a civil/structural/environmental engineering firm located in Tustin, California. She provides legal and expert opinion in the assessment of design deficiencies, determination of the sufficiency of project drawings and specifications, analysis of structural integrity and seismic resistance of buildings. She most effectively represents engineers, architects, design professionals, developers, builders and homeowners in the dual capacities of attorney and technical expert. In her legal representation of engineers and design professionals, Dr. Tarassoly incorporates her technical knowledge to assess the validity of the claims and to assist the professionals in developing a successful claim technique.  

"In professional liability disputes, attorneys are not privy to the full significance of technical evidence until later in the litigation process when experts are retained.  As an attorney/engineer, I not only protect your legal rights, I also provide you with the technical support you need to advance your claim."


Vida Tarassoly, Ph.D., P.E., S.E.

Licensed Civil/Structural Engineer and Registered Contractor, A&B

Attorney at Law




Environmental disputes could be some of the costliest legal actions. From credibility with the regulating agencies to capability to perform highly technical computer modeling and cost allocation studies, the competency of your technical experts could secure the success of your legal team. Since 2004, Dr. Tarassoly has served as the president of Rubicon Engineering Corporation (Rubicon), an environmental engineering firm in  California providing a full spectrum of environmental services including litigation support and expert witness services to public and private sectors including fortune 500 companies. Through her immediate access to Rubicon, Dr. Tarassoly offers her legal clients a wealth of technical and engineering expertise in the environmental areas relating to Superfunds, soil and groundwater contamination, air quality assessment, regulatory compliance, water reuse and recycling, and clean-up cost allocations. 

"The most important requirement for developing a winning legal strategy in an environmental dispute is having competent and experienced experts. Having the continual support of  my own firm's environmental experts right from the start and in every step of the way is a valuable advantage making it possible for me to tailor the technical support needed for your success."


Vida Tarassoly, Ph.D., P.E., S.E.

Licensed Civil/Structural Engineer and Registered Contractor, A&B

Attorney at Law



The Law Office of Dr. Vida Tarassoly provides services in a wide range of civil disputes and litigation. Often times, even after you obtain a judgment against your opposing party, unless your opposition is prepared to make amends, the collection is a major hurdle. At the law office of Dr. Vida Tarassoly, we specialize in demanding your rights, obtaining judgments for you, and locating your opposition's assets and collecting the money due to you.

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A certified and experienced mediator, Dr. Tarassoly is an avid proponent of mediation and dispute resolution before resorting to litigation. She is an approved dispute resolution advisor for the California Department of Transportation and an invited member of the Pepperdine Mediation Inn of Court. In the mediation of complex construction disputes, the parties have to bear the additional cost for the services of an expert. Dr. Tarassoly serves in dual capacities of a mediator as well as an expert to assist the parties in understanding the technical and legal strength of their claims and to reach realistic settlements. Because of her technical expertise, she is capable of providing an evaluative method of mediation, not only facilitating the mediation and negotiation process but to neutrally and confidentially evaluate the technical aspects of each party's claims as well as their legal positions.   In multi-party construction mediations, Dr. Tarassoly utilizes her technical expertise to assist the parties in deriving at equitable cost allocations.

"Litigation is an expensive process which could be very emotional. It must be only considered as the last resort. Before committing my client to the litigation process, I do everything in my power to negotiate the case outside of the courtroom process. Of course, my high level of education, 

technical stature, and years of engineering practice have always been helpful in assuring the parties of my constructive intent."


Construction Claims Management

We are attorneys, engineers, and contractors. Therefore, when representing our clients, we assure that our clients' legal rights are protected, and each phase of their construction process is performed properly.  We identify potential construction claims before they materialize, and assist our clients in mitigation of their claims to avoid costly delays and litigation fees.

When litigation becomes unavoidable, the success of a construction claim rests on the selection of a competent attorney, and the right expert.  As competent attorneys, we assure that the law is properly applied to the claim, and our client' 'rights are zealously represented.  However, in construction litigation, the right expert could make or break the case. What differentiates us from the other attorneys is our expertise in the engineering and construction fields.  We not only represent our clients' legal claims, but we also have the capability to build their cases. Because of our combined legal and technical expertise, our clients have the head start advantage of having an attorney and technical expert representing them simultaneously. With decades of active participation in the civil/structural engineering and construction fields,  we know and employ the most qualified expert witnesses with different specialties needed to successfully support our clients' claims.


Our construction Claims Management services include:
· Promote partnering among the parties
· Identify the elements of the project design and construction likely to give rise to disputes and claims
· Review legal documents and collect coverage and loss information
· Inspect project site, review construction drawings and assess causes of damage
· Technical and engineering expert opinion pertaining to construction defects and professional liability
· Mediation and settlement conferences as necessary
· Dispute resolution advisory services and issue recommendations
· Develop litigation plans, track and control legal expenses, and reach a cost-effective resolution
· Coordinate activities with outside vendors
· Inspect project site at pre-delivery to client


Representing John H. in a case against a large new track home developer;


"Shortly after moving into my newly constructed home, it was determined that the lot contained expansive soil capable of damaging the home's structural integrity.  Upon learning of this, I began searching for a qualified construction defect legal services provider capable of effectively representing me in legal mediation with the builder.  I was delighted to discover the services of Dr. Vida Tarassoly.  Not only is she an experienced construction defect attorney, but she also holds a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from a prestigious California university.  Following the engagement of her firm's services, she represented me in the first mediation hearing where she engaged the builder's legal representation about the expansive soil on my lot and possible remediation remedies.  She arranged for professional geotechnical soils testing on my lot and from the test results, her firm developed well-considered engineering plans for remediation of my property.  Continuing her representation in the mediation process, she was effective in using this evidence to help me reach a fair and equitable settlement with the builder.  I can highly recommend her firm's professional services for matters concerning construction defects."


John H. 

Contra Costa County, CA


Representing James and Gina K., subcontractors against a general contractor;


"We hired Dr. Tarassoly when a client of ours made false accusations against us to cover up their own incompetence. Dr. Tarassoly was easily able to expose their misconduct which put them in check. They were no match for her expertise and knowledge of construction practices and law."
All the best-"

James and Gina, J.

Orange County, CA



Representing Janet G roofing subcontractor against general contractor and developer;

"We want to express our appreciation for what you've done for us. How lucky I was to have contacted you. We truly admire you and so grateful you are the leader of our team. We know we are in Good Hands.!!"

Janet G.

Sacramento County, CA


Representing Klara E. against the City of Palo Alto and Caltrans;


"Great Victory achieved! 

Million thanks to you. Wishing you all the best in all your future work.

You made a difference in people's lives here. You Resolved a problem quickly and effectively.

Residents in our building are very grateful to your selfless engagement, including the Building Manager.  I will recommend your services wherever I can. Thank you again!"


Klara E.

Santa Clara County, CA

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