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Mediation is a private process wherein a neutral third party, called a mediator, helps the parties discuss and attempt to resolve their dispute. Ordinarily, in facilitative style mediation, mediators do not interject their own opinions and merely facilitate and encourage the disputants to explore each other's complaints and reach their own voluntary solution.

However, as an attorney/engineer/contractor, Dr. Vida Tarassoly can assess disputed matters technically and legally. Therefore, as a mediator, without compromising our neutral position, we provide an evaluative style of mediation through which, in addition to focusing on the underlying interests of the parties, we help them assess the technical and legal merits of their arguments and reach fair and realistic settlements.

As certified and experienced mediators, we are avid proponents of mediation and dispute resolution before resorting to litigation. Dr. Tarassoly is an approved Dispute Resolution Board Member for the California Department of Transportation and a 2017 invited member of the Pepperdine Mediation Inn of Court.​
“I am an avid proponent of mediation. Litigation is an expensive process that can be very emotional. It must be only considered as the last resort. Before committing my clients to the litigation process, I do everything in my power to negotiate the case outside of the courtroom.“

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