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In an ongoing fast-paced construction world, it is essential to identify and mitigate potential disputes among the parties and quickly resolve them to avoid costly delays. The experienced attorneys/engineers/contractors at The Tarassoly Law Group, knowledgeable with both legal and technical intricacies of construction practice, assist our clients with dispute mitigation and resolution to better facilitate project progress. Our work starts by regularly meeting with the involved parties and identifying and mitigating the potential problems that may otherwise lead to major disputes. It is always preferable for the Dispute Resolution Advisor ("DRA") to become involved at the inception of a construction project. However, oftentimes, The Tarassoly Law Group is engaged by a disputing party amidst an ongoing construction operation. 

 A member of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation, Dr. Tarassoly is approved by the California Department of Transportation (“Caltrans”) to serve as a Caltrans Dispute Resolution Board Member for the mitigation and resolution of disputes arising in the course of ongoing construction projects.

Our Construction Claims and Dispute Management services include:

  • Promote partnering among the parties;
  • Identify elements of the project design and construction likely to give rise to disputes and claims;
  • Review legal documents and collect the coverage and loss information;
  • Inspect project sites, review construction drawings, and assess causes of damage;
  • Provide an expert opinion from a technical and engineering perspective pertaining to construction defects and professional liability;
  • Conduct mediation and settlement conferences as necessary;
  • Provide dispute resolution advisory services and issue recommendations;
  • Develop litigation plans, track and control legal expenses, and reach cost-effective resolutions.

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