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Since 2004, Dr. Tarassoly has served as the president of Rubicon Engineering Corporation, an environmental engineering firm in California, which provides a full spectrum of environmental services including litigation support and expert witness services to the public and private sectors, including Fortune 500 companies. Environmental disputes can be some of the costliest legal actions.

From credibility with the regulating agencies to the capability to perform highly technical computer modeling and cost allocation studies, the competency of your technical experts could secure the success of your legal team. Through our immediate access to Rubicon's technical staff, at The Tarassoly Law Group, we offer our clients a wealth of technical and engineering expertise to assist in the technical assessment of our clients' environmental legal disputes relating to mold and toxic exposures, soil and groundwater contamination, regulatory compliance, and clean-up cost allocations.

One of the most important requirements for developing a winning legal strategy in an environmental dispute is having competent and experienced experts. Having the continual support of our own engineering firm, Rubicon's environmental experts, right from the start and every step of the way, is a valuable advantage making it possible for Tarassoly Law Group to tailor the technical support needed for your legal success.

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